3 Ways To Dramatically Add Value To Your Property In Under 3 Weeks [Before Selling]

By Jonathan Fletcher

One element of my job as a real estate agent is to advise my clients on how to improve the value of their property prior to its marketing and sale.

How little or how much somebody wants to spend when it comes to improvements prior to selling is subjective, it’s different for every homeowner, but broadly speaking if you are looking to add value to your property these are the three things you want to focus on. In my experience, they will significantly add value to your property for the money and time invested. 

If these simple improvements are done well, the resale effect can be by a multiple of ten. For example, if you spend $10,000, that often is made back in the sale price by up to or over $100,000.


Interior or exterior, painting is a simple way of dramatically improving the visual impact of a property as it generally covers large surface areas. 

18 Bynya Road, Palm Beach

In the process of painting, you can also patch and repair any areas around the house and fix imperfections. Very often small paint jobs have been done over the years and this is one way to cohesively bring alignment to the aesthetic of the property.

Gardens & Landscaping

Generally speaking, when it comes to gardens, less is more. Very often it’s about reducing not adding.

Whether it’s a tidy up of the gardens or a complete landscaping job, attending to the house outside areas can dramatically change the feel and first impression of the property.

123 Crescent Road, Newport

Depending on the house, its features and how it’s been up kept over the years this could mean 

  • tidying up overgrowth
  • trimming back hedges
  • selectively trimming branches on trees to maximise views
  • clearing and mowing to maximising the lawn
  • tidying up the front for first impressions
  • cutting back shrubbery
  • restoring garden beds


We use styling to help buyers conceptualise a space. Few people have the capacity to see what a home might look if it is empty or crowded with other people’s furniture, some buyers struggle to have a vision for what the house could look like so styling can give them a compelling visualisation or an aspirational goal. It’s like looking through a magazine and thinking “I’d love to have a lounge room like that”. It also helps people visualize from a practical and functional point of view how different rooms, spaces, nooks and crannies can be used

40 Norma Road Palm Beach

Styling like landscaping is often about maximising space. We use styling to take advantage of and display all the property’s assets and features. Depending on the house and the owner’s decor it might be a full or partial style or a re-work of the existing furniture and decor. 

Also, similar to landscaping, styling is not necessarily adding it can be reducing clutter, minimising furniture, stripping back unique decor and opting for more neutral palettes.

Styling is becoming popular for many homeowners, not just for sale prep but also for themselves and their own livability, to help homeowners set-up and decorate their houses.

In reality, we all live in an environment that can’t be styled liked a magazine 24 hours a day (at least I can’t with my three messy boys!) but for the purpose of the sale, I have seen styling have a dramatic effect in increasing sale prices.

In conclusion, there’s no one size fits all house prep. Each house, each owner we treat as an individual and as for me my style is very much about capturing and gaining an understanding of what we are trying to achieve through the marketing and sales process. Sometimes we don’t want things to look imperfect as that is the energy in the house. If it’s an imperfect house it’s not necessarily about trying to make things look perfect, it’s about bringing the right atmosphere and energy and matching the buyer to the home.

If you’re interested in prepping your home to sell and would like the foresight of what will add value to maximise the sale price, contact me or my team on 0424 053 355 or on email.

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