Winter Home Styling Trends In Avalon And Palm Beach

By Jonathan Fletcher

Over the past six weeks we have all been more housebound. Our lifestyles have been interrupted by the current Covid-19 restrictions and for many of us the time has been a welcomed slower pace and an opportunity to re-think and enjoy our homes. In the Upper Northern Beaches many of us, my wife and I included, are looking at ways to refresh our interiors and add value to our property. Here are some winter home interior ideas that are achievable and popular and could add warmth and value to your property this winter.

‘Minimilise’ & Declutter

While ‘Minimalism’ has become a growing trend over the years, Australians still have a lot of ‘stuff’ in their homes. The Choosi Clutter Report conducted way back in 2017 estimates Australians have almost $60 billion worth of unused items in their homes, and 73% of Australian homes are cluttered with unused or unwanted possessions.  

Now, you don’t have to be a “hard-core” minimalist to benefit from the effects of decluttering, it might just be taking the time this season to re-assess all those items that have been ignored for so long. Less really can mean more, especially in home interiors. The process of re-working a room can simply start by removing unused items and allowing the space to be re-imagined. 

But before you start throwing everything out it’s good to have a think about your macro approach to ‘Minimilising’. Amy Revell, a professional home organiser, asks 6 questions in this article on how to become more minimal in our homes. 

You may take the opportunity this winter at home to do a big clear out, but remember decluttering is also an ongoing process. Even taking 15 minutes a week to clean out a cupboard can have a great impact. 

Once you have found a method of decluttering that works for you, what do you do with your unwanted items? For those items that can’t be sold or given away, Northern Beaches council offers two free household collections a year.


Ok so you’ve got freed up space now it’s time to re-organise. The functionality and beauty of a well organised home is one of life’s great joys. You may currently be working from home and want to set up a productive workspace, or maybe get stuck into the neglected wardrobe, or even that long ignored kitchen cabinet!

A good place to start with organising is as the saying says “A place for everything and everything in its place”. The idea of having a place for everything item in your home and putting that item back in its place when you have finished using it. Apply this rule to all areas of the house – from the kitchen and the laundry to the linen cupboard. Take stock of every single item you own and ensure there’s a place for each one.

Next, think about your storage. Every organised home needs storage solutions. Some homes have well designed storage with inbuilt cabinetry and closets. If your home doesn’t you may need to be creative with finding functional pieces that fit the space and store items so that they are accessible and neat and ordered.

Whether it’s wall hooks, under-bed storage, or kitchen containers there are ways to find storage solutions for even the smallest spaces and budgets.

Warm It Up

I spoke to Senior Property Stylist Maddy Kortt from Advantage Styling about interior style trends and how to warm up our homes this winter.

Maddy says, “There’s a lot of rusty and mustard tones on trend this winter. Also dusty pinks are coming through the palettes. Interior trends are definitely seeing a lot of muted warm tones.”

When asking her how we can get our homes ready for the months ahead she said, “Getting ready for winter months is all about layering, adding extra rugs, maybe a floor rugs, some throws, you can also add lamps to make things feel really warm”

In conclusion, now is probably a better time than ever to get into those cupboards, clearing out the mess and getting organised and cosy for the winter season ahead. If you feel out of your depth and would like some advice I’d be only to happy to help.

If you’d like to know more about the current market across the Upper Northern Beaches or would like an updated opinion on the value of your property, call 0424 053 355 or message me today.