5 Home Trends Set To Hit Avalon & Palm Beach In 2020

By Jonathan Fletcher

Avalon and Palm Beach are abounding with beautiful homes and as a local agent, it is a privilege to sell homes that reflect and express our unique and flourishing environment. 

For those renovating or selling in the year ahead, it’s beneficial to be aware of interior and design trends as it may have an impact on the sale price of your property.

Here are some elements of design looking popular for interiors as we embrace a new decade in 2020.


As we move into 2020 we are continuing to become an Eco-conscious community in the Upper Northern Beaches. As people build, renovate and decorate their homes we are seeing environmental concerns informing choices. 

These choices are pushing trends towards sustainable materials; ethically sourced homewares; energy-efficient systems & appliances; environmentally safe products (such as VOC paints); and organic furnishing options.

Decorating your home in line with the ‘Slow design’ movement is also becoming more popular with a leaning towards repurposing and recycling furniture… buying second hand rather than new. 

Home Design trends are certainly coming alongside the push towards sustainable living here in Avalon. We will continue to see homes to become more Eco-friendly in the years ahead.

A Palette of Neutrals and Greens

Relaxed, earthy and sophisticated – The Grounded colour palette from Dulux Forecast for 2020 features natural raw tones and neutrals that would be the perfect canvas for Avalon and Palm Beach home interiors.

It’s also interesting to see a Green colour palette make a comeback in the decade ahead – we think these tranquil tones might be making their way back into Avalon homes.

Smart Living

Smart Home Technology is a fast-growing industry. It’s true – you can now control your home’s temperature, lighting, music and security systems from your phone. Voice-activated technology such as “Alexa” and “Google Home” is a convenience that is becoming increasingly popular. Half of Australian’s households have started the smart tech journey and this is only growing.


Indoor Greenery can be transformational in any home and over the last few years, the Fiddle-leaf figs and Monstera have dominated the indoor limelight. According to Homes To Love,  the plants predicted to steal the spotlight in 2020 are – The Olive tree plant; Cacti; Banana Trees; Cast Iron Plant; and the Long-leaf fig.

Wall Panelling

This trend is something of a classic decorating tradition, but it is making a strong comeback in 2020. Paneling is an economical way of giving architectural detail and character to a space. There are many materials and styles out there but in Avalon and Palm Beach homes we are seeing V joint paneling (available inexpensively through well-known hardware suppliers), bringing a coastal interior and delivering a million dollar feel.

If you’re thinking of selling in 2020 and would like more information and advice on how to prepare your home for sale, you can contact me on 0424 053 355 or via email.