3 Home Styles Upper Northern Beaches Owners Are Loving Right Now

By Jonathan Fletcher

I’ve always loved property. I remember when I was growing up, my Dad, who was a local architect/builder would cart me around on Saturday’s as I would accompany him to an array of properties and residential building sites. I guess it’s no surprise that I have ended up working in the property industry, helping people buy and sell their homes.

It has been very interesting over the decades watching how home design and build trends have developed and cycled. Some might say, I have a high attention to detail (just ask my wife she finds it a little painful), and when it comes to property every aspect and quality of the interiors, exteriors and building work is important. Avalon and Palm Beach is brimming with beautiful homes… here are 3 current home styles that I personally love and see becoming increasingly popular in Avalon and Palm Beach.

“The Bangalay” – Modern Coastal 

A modern take on the Australian coastal home, it’s sophisticated and sleek, warm and environmentally integrated. This modern beach house is well thought-through, clean and built to sustain.

Characterised by:

  • wood, concrete and natural materials
  • large panelled windows / glass walls
  • dark exteriors
  • concrete/ hard floors
  • seamless indoor/outdoor living
  • highly integrated into the environment
  • simplified with warm and minimal furniture
  • clean hard surfaces with warm tones

One example of this style is our favourite place to visit on a weekend away – The Bangalay Villas and Restaurant in Shoalhaven Heads. Pictures below, courtesy of Bangalay Villas epitomise Australian modern coastal architecture and interior design.

I’m seeing this style becoming a popular option in new builds and architecturally designed houses in Avalon and Palm Beach.

“The Byron” – Coastal Farmhouse

This coastal home style has traditional elements and a more classic aesthetic. This authentic beach cottage works in details of a modern day farmhouse.

Characterised by:

  • wood & stone exteriors
  • traditional windows
  • traditional and federation elements
  • wooden floors
  • vaulted ceilings
  • neutral palettes & interiors
  • panelled walls and ceilings
  • modern version of a farmhouse kitchen
  • rustic edges

It’s cosy but it’s still clean. It’s rustic, yet simple. It’s neutral, light, green and warm all at the same time.

This Byron Bay style home works perfectly in Avalon and Palm beach – it has for a long time and is still a huge hit with buyers.

“The Old Avalon” – The bohemian beach bungalow

“The Old Avalon” is my wife’s personal favourite – an interesting mix of old meets new, desert meets ocean, colour meets earthy tones, wild meets calm. Elements of Mediterranean and Californian style fuse with modern beach culture. This style pops a bit more colour and may have more eclectic and original features than the two home styles above… reminiscent of Avalon’s alternate and artistic heritage.

Characterised by:

  • period architecture – think art deco or Spanish colonial
  • archways
  • exposed beams
  • plastered walls
  • painted brick or fibro
  • earthy tones
  • mid century, vintage and retro decor
  • desert plants
  • textured surfaces
  • beach and boho (bohemian)

In this home, your surfboard might rest against a plastered wall, on a vintage rug with a vista of desert palms.

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