Spring 2019 Styling Tips On the Northern Beaches

By Jonathan Fletcher

To give a property an added competitive edge, I often work with professional interior stylists, sometimes known as home stagers.

Their input is worth a lot: they not only have design experience and knowledge about the latest trends, but they also know how to best showcase your property to buyers, so they can imagine themselves living there. Ultimately, property staging or styling can significantly increase the price you achieve for your property.

Sometimes it’s a quick and simple fix, like rearranging existing furniture and fittings to maximise and demonstrate space. I’ve seen rooms literally transformed by merely swapping out an overly large sofa to one that fits the dimensions of the room. Other times it involves coming into empty spaces and styling the property to perfection with furniture and accessories. I brief my stylists on who the potential buyer is most likely to be, and they create a vision of what the target demographic is seeking.

A case in point: Palm Beach house by Coco Republic

A great example of just how effective property styling can be is the result we achieved after commissioning Coco Republic to style a three-bedroom home in Palm Beach, at 40 Norma Road, Palm Beach. The property achieved a sale price of $3,342,000, an incredible $350,000 over the reserve. This was thanks in no small part to the work the stylists did to maximise the breathtaking views, and enhance the sense of space.

Aidan Devine reported the sale in The Daily Telegraph in May 2019, saying: “Presentation and styling was key to achieving a strong sale. It can cost thousands – but property sellers who skimp on home styling cost may be killing their chances of getting a good price or quick sale.”

What the experts say: Maddie Kortt’s styling tips

I’ve also worked with the very talented Madeline Kortt, Senior Property Stylist with Advantage Styling for the past two years on many homes in Avalon and Palm Beach.

Here’s what Maddie told me about how to take your property to the next level, this spring:

Less is definitely more

With home staging, there’s more taking away rather than adding. Be sure to declutter your space by taking away any extraneous items, as soft minimalism is a big trend. It combines the spacious, clean feel of minimalism but with a real-world warmth to it. Curtains, pillows all handmade with linen fabrics remain popular. Small changes when it comes to layout changes can yield significant results. For example, if you’ve got gorgeous bifold doors highlight them by moving existing furniture, so they become a feature.

Go green
Indoor plants and lush greenery add much-needed life to minimalistic neutral spaces. Use different heights and groupings to add that extra pop of colour.

Don’t be beige in your choices
While white walls are classic, there has been a move away from the pared-back beige-neutral-sofas look into rich, bold, jewel tones that command the space. On the Northern Beaches, there is also a move towards an upmarket boho look. However, it’s never overblown or hippy. An exquisite handwoven Moroccan rug will make a bold statement as well as enrich a room.

Art for art’s sake
Artwork should be a huge consideration when it comes to styling. Advantage Styling have started to collaborate with artists to produce show-stopping original pieces, so there’s an individual twist to the property. Group your pictures, photographs, sculptures or prints by colour for a clean art gallery feel.

If you’re interested in styling your home to sell contact my team today.